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  • Episode 3:  ‘Mirror Piece’ (1963) by Mieko Shiomi

    Episode 3:  ‘Mirror Piece’ (1963) by Mieko Shiomi

    The third episode of our podcast presents Mirror Piece (1963) by Japanese artist Mieko Shiomi. This work, as many other Fluxus scores, does not have a singular manifestation but rather exists as many different entities, the material ones and the performative ones captured through documentation. Two versions of the handwritten score – in English and…

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  • Artivation #2 : Happy New/Old Year

    Artivation #2 : Happy New/Old Year

    On the New Year’s eve of 2022, Com&Com performed an “Artivation” of Ken Friedman’s work “In One Year and Out the Other” (1975). The work asks significant questions about time and space, and what do artificial, political and temporal zones mean in a world connected via digital media.

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  • Artivation #1: Zen for Internet, 2014

    Artivation #1: Zen for Internet, 2014

    Com&Com’s Zen for Internet (2014) references Nam June Paik’s canonical Zen for Film (1962-64). Using the iconography of the internet and computer, the work features an endlessly rotating “loading wheel” on a white background. Typically, the “loading wheel” would be a temporary, in-between state before seeing the fully loaded image. Zen for Internet, however, indefinitely freezes…

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