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Radio Fluxus: Stories from the Fluxus Archives is a podcast series that features our conversations with scholars, artists, curators, conservators, researchers and Fluxus enthusiasts. In these conversations, the interviewees are encouraged to tell their stories about one specific Fluxus artwork and to share their views on its use and potential activation. The protagonists of these stories are artworks.

The project aims to explore alternative ways of experiencing intermedia art and to understand how storytelling can contribute to the way we appreciate Fluxus’s legacy. What does storytelling tell us about how Fluxus lives on and is continued in people’s minds and memories? How do we remember, and how does what we recall change the work which left traces in memory? What does it mean to activate Fluxus by telling a story?

Our interviewees have the freedom to propose a work they wish to speak about. Each episode commences with a description of the concept of the selected work, along with its material manifestations. This description is followed by the account of the narrator’s personal memories of dealing with the work. The episode concludes with their ideas related to the work’s use and activation.

You can listen to the podcast directly on this website or subscribe to it on Spotify.

  • Episode 5: ‘Orange Event No. 3’ (1963) by Bengt af Klintberg

    Episode 5: ‘Orange Event No. 3’ (1963) by Bengt af Klintberg

    Composed by Bengt af Klintberg in 1963, Orange Event No 3 (or Apelsinhändelse nr 3 in Swedish) is one of the scores from the series Twenty-Five Orange Events. The series was published several times, the first time in Swedish in 1966, together with other writings by af Klintberg, The English translation of 25 Orange Events…

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  • Episode 4:  ‘Open and Shut Case’ (1965) by Ken Friedman

    Episode 4:  ‘Open and Shut Case’ (1965) by Ken Friedman

    This episode features “Open and Shut Case” (1965) by Ken Friedman presented by the artist himself. Open and Shut Case (1965) is a score-based work which manifests itself in a variety of ways. As is often the case for Fluxus events, the score has been written down a posteriori, out of the creation of an…

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  • Episode 3:  ‘Mirror Piece’ (1963) by Mieko Shiomi

    Episode 3:  ‘Mirror Piece’ (1963) by Mieko Shiomi

    The third episode of our podcast presents Mirror Piece (1963) by Japanese artist Mieko Shiomi. This work, as many other Fluxus scores, does not have a singular manifestation but rather exists as many different entities, the material ones and the performative ones captured through documentation. Two versions of the handwritten score – in English and…

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As a soundbed this podcast uses Bio Unit – Fidget Spinner and Xylo-Ziko – Rainbow by Simon Mathewson which is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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