Activating Fluxus now on YouTube

We have just launched our project’s YouTube channel! The channel has been designed to feature recorded lectures and research seminars organized within our project, Activating Fluxus. The channel will also present video interviews and stories illustrating the Radio Fluxus episodes and other products of our research activities.

You may now watch the recording of the lecture which inaugurated our seminar series: “Fluxus Forms of Activation” by Dr Natilee Harren, scholar of contemporary art theory and history and a specialist in Fluxus. The lecture, followed by a discussion, took place on November 16 within the Research Wednesday seminar series at HKB.

In this lecture, Harren typologizes the multitude of ways Fluxus artists and the inheritors of their legacy have activated and remade and restaged one another’s works, both in the moment of the collective’s emergence in the 1960s and in more recent decades. Using as examples various modes of representation and reperformance of a Fluxus score including ‘homages’ and ‘tributes to’, she problematizes issues related to the authority of originating artists and the language around the ontology of re-enactments. Finally, two novel ideas proposed by Harren – the experimental ‘Fluxus Activation Matrix’ and the concept of ‘meta-score’ as a preservation tool – sparked a vivid discussion among the participant of the event.

If you missed any of our live events, check out our YouTube channel and consider subscribing to receive updates each time we upload new content.

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