We are on the air: Tune in to Radio Fluxus!

Radio Fluxus: Stories from the Fluxus Archives has gone online! In this podcast, we are inviting scholars, artists, curators, conservators, researchers and Fluxus enthusiasts to tell their stories about Fluxus works and to share views on their use and activation. Each episode focuses on one artwork, which becomes the main protagonist of the story. The story begins with a description of one or various manifestations of the piece. The project aims to explore alternative ways of experiencing intermedia art and to learn how storytelling can contribute to the way we appreciate Fluxus’s legacy.

What does storytelling tell us about how Fluxus lives on and is continued in people’s minds and memories? How do we remember and how does what we recall change the work which left traces in memory? What does it mean to activate Fluxus by telling a story?

The consecutive episodes will be published on our website and made available on Spotify. Stay tuned and enjoy our growing collection of Fluxus works!


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