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  • Performance Conservation: Artists Speak

    Performance Conservation: Artists Speak

    Can performance art be conserved – and if so, how? The research project Performance: Conservation, Materiality, Knowledge, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, is hosting its third annual colloquium  Performance Conservation: Artists Speak. Artists engaged with performance will discuss the afterlives and legacies of their work, and even consider performance’s potential to serve as a…

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  • Loss as Creation’s Companion, with Eric Andersen

    Loss as Creation’s Companion, with Eric Andersen

    Our research team recently spoke with Intermedia artist, Eric Andersen, to reflect on the Fluxus network and some questions posed by Intermedia works of the recent historical past. Our conversation broadly touched on the notions of continuity and change, loss and preservation, and crucially, how Intermedia works might endure both through and as a form…

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